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Our ticket to Europe

Our dreams of competing in an International event all rested on 22nd January 2018, the Quiz day.

To turn this dream into reality we began conducting 2 quizzes per day starting from 16th Dec 2017. This was achieved by conducting the quizzes in the morning and evening sessions each day ensuring that the respective work of our teammates wasn't hampered, also this gave us enough time to learn from our mistakes. 

The team was divided into three groups of 5 members each, wherein each group was tasked to prepare the quiz for their day, while the other two groups used to solve the quiz on that respective day.

For the first week the quizzes were solely based on the FS rulebook, wherein the team gathered questions from all the nooks and crannies of the rulebook.

Once we were completely familiar with rulebook questions, we shifted our focus to Engineering questions.

Thereafter, the quizzes focused primarily on the engineering based questions which are asked in FSG Quiz. For this the team distributed all the engineering subjects according to their capabilities and thus gathered all knowledge possible.

Initially, the team focused on getting the answers correct for as many questions as possible, neglecting the time taken.

In the later stages, our priorities shifted to achieving the right answer in the minimum time period.

The Q-Day : 

The first quiz was of Formula Student Czech, the team was all prepared and was buzzing with confidence for the quiz. The format for FS Czech was not the same as that of FSG, which baffled us a bit and resulted in a poor rank.

Though disappointed with the result of the Czech quiz, the team geared up for the FSG quiz in the evening. With the same determination the team was able to answer all the questions in the quiz, only to find a spot in the waiting list.

The team continued with the same passion and perseverance for the FS East quiz scheduled at 9:30 pm, we were able to answer all the questions swiftly by distributing them among the team members and achieved a respectable time to secure a top 5 position in the waiting list. 

The team's focus now shifted on Formula Bharat 2018, which was a huge success for us, as we were ranked amongst the 5 top teams in India.

But as soon as the event culminated, the anxious feeling of receiving an exam result crept up in all of us, the quiz result, "Will we get the opportunity to compete in an international event? Did we lose it by such a small margin?"

On our journey back to Pune,

the wait was over, the result was just one click away. With heavy hearts and the whole team huddled together watching over a laptop, we received the news. This was simply followed by cheers, dance and a few tears. "Chalo Hungary", " Stallions in Europe", "Awaj konacha? Stallion cha" were just a few chants the bus was filled with! 

The dream of our seniors was now a reality, Stallion Motorsport was to represent India in an international event, Formula Student East.

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