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Last to first, the story of a T.I.

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Technical Inspection is every team's nightmare, it leaves a few spirits broken and a few spiritsspirits over the moon. We have experienced all these emotions in just a span of a single year. This is the journey of Stallion Motorsport from Formula Bharat 2017 to Formula Bharat 2018. Formula Bharat 2017 was the turning point for our team. The team competed in it's debut Formula Bharat event with the vision of going head to head with the top Indian teams. On day Zero, our Pre-TI occured wherein we were asked to change our seat belt mounting brackets. After doing the needful, we entered the TI bay with high hopes. But the level of Technical Scrutineering employed by the judges exceeded our expectations. The major changes being intake envelope, firewall sealing and fuel cap nrv. These changes cost us a lot of resources and more importantly, time, accounting to 3 days. The atmosphere once we received our TI sticker was one of relief instead of excitement, exhibiting emotions of a team which has taken a heavy toll due to TI. Learning valuable lessons from the event, we made sure to change our team policies, focussing on TI with the same scrutineering extent that we'll face at an international event. For the 2018 season, rulebook was given utmost importance by each and every member, by employing continuous rulebook sessions, quizzes and design scrutineering. The new car was designed fully rule compliant and regular TIs were conducted throughout our season. The result of such an approach bared sweet fruits for us during SUPRA SAE INDIA and Formula Bharat 2018, as we passed our TIs with flying colours and the laurel of being the first team to earn the TI sticker in both the events. This time the atmosphere was one of joy, excitement, cheers and a few happy tears. The fact that we had come so far after our previous TI experience was the prestigious award that we had won for ourselves. Proper leadership, dedicated and passionate team members, courage to learn from past mistakes and the will to correct them and the hunger "to be the best" was all the motivation we needed to build an A team.


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